Sub Contract Welding Services


Portable Welding and Repair, LLC provides a high level of quality with an attention to detail. We offer over 30 years of welding, fabrication and polishing experience. Whether performing ASME code work at your facility or non-code work in our shop, we maintain a high level of professionalism and quality. We can pick up raw materials and deliver the finished product. Some examples of our work experience include:

-          Stainless Steel / Alloy Vessels

    • Code
    • Non Code
    • Pharmaceutical Grade Finishes

-          Sanitary Washing Equipment

-          High and Low Pressure Piping

-          Headers and Manifolds

-          Augers

-          Sub Assemblies

-          Structural Steel

-          Railing & Platforms

Materials commonly used:

-          304L and 316L Stainless Steel

-          Alloy 600 – NO6600

-          Alloy 20—NO2200

-          Titanium

-          Aluminum

-          SA-36, Grades 50 and 70 Carbon Steel

-          AR400

Processes Used:

-          GTAW (TIG)

-          GMAW (MIG)

-          FCAW (Flux Core)

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